Return to Nameless City version 1.1 public beta 2010-02-13

[ Brief Info] Loosy techsheet


Return to Nameless City (RTNC) is a mod for game Quake. It provides more deadful and intense gameplay, balanced weapons and some other sweets. For 'what it mean?' see tech sheet and play.

There are Frik Bot X implementation in RDM, so you can play with bots: just start a listen server and type 'impulse 101' or 'addbot' in console. More information about impulses here.






And many other pretty useless things.

Quick info for functional commands and impulses

addbot - add a bot to the first team
addbotalt - add bt to the second team
delbot - remove bot

botcam - camera
botmenu - waypoint editing menu

giveall - give all weapons, ammo and keys, ex-impulse 9
quad - give quad damage, ex-impulse 255

drop_shells - drop shells
drop_nails - drop nails
drop_rockets - drop rockets
drop_cells - drop cells

impulse 21 - previous weapon
impulse 22 - next weapon
impulse 1-10 - menu navigation


Inside3d people for qc idies.

FrikaC for bot sources.

Kryten for swiming quake guy implementation.

Caryn 'Hellchick' Law for a great announcer.

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